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The Jonathan Collection Foundation is an aeronautical museum that collects numerous historic aircraft on which bloody battles took place during the years of the Great War: a magical place for those who love to fly and for those who are passionate about aircraft, suitable for young and old. A WWI hangar houses perfect reproductions of famous planes that pilot Giancarlo Zanardo - class 1939 - built with his own hands. In addition to admiring the aircraft, it is possible to experience the thrill of flying over the hills, accompanied by experienced pilots. At the disposal of visitors there is a dedicated area to spend a day among planes that seem straight out of a film, lots of greenery and many exciting stories to listen to.

The Hotel:
Inside a park surrounded by vineyards, mulberry, maple and birch trees, the Hotel Astoria is located in a building of great historical value, which enjoys a spectacular panoramic view of the castles of San Salvatore and Conegliano.
Seat of the ancient Bacological Institute of the Counts of Collalto di Susegana, in the 90s it was transformed into an elegant 4-star hotel.

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