Trieste e il castello di Miramare



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Beautiful and cultured, Trieste is the most cosmopolitan city in Italy. Here you can breathe the glorious Hapsburg past that made it “the little Vienna by the sea”. Visit the heart of the city, the most beautiful and the most symbolic of its squares, now dedicated to the unification of Italy and its romantic and famous castle: Miramare.

The Hotel: 

In the heart of a city to be read, you will find the Victoria, inspired by the great cultural tradition of Trieste. The Victoria Literary Hotel occupies a historic building that was once one of the homes of the famous Irish writer James Joyce. The Victoria is a modern 4-star hotel where everything is organized with the utmost attention to detail and comfort.

Services included :

Nights: 2
Persons: 2
Breakfast: yes

- 1 typical dinner (drinks not included)

- 2 admission tickets to Miramare castle

Euro 490


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