Merano museums and surroundings

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It has a temperate climate, with over three hundred days of sunshine a year. There are the most high tech Spa in Europe and some of the most beautiful peaks in the Alps. Merano is also culture and museums. If you to know the history of South Tyrol, that's where to come.

A short walk from the old town you can enjoy the luxury fin de siècle and the relaxation of Hotel Adria. Its spa Spa is one of the most popular in the region: indoor swimming pool, pavilion with four different saunas and fitness room. Enough for a long weekend regenerating?

Civic Museum
Piazza Duomo, 6 - Merano
Tel. 0473 270038
Open from Easter to January 6, from Tuesday to Saturday, 10.30-17; Sundays and holidays, 10.30-13. Monday closed.
Full ticket € 6.00

Recently reopened a new space next to the Cathedral, a seventeenth-century palace recently restored, the Palais Mamming Museum houses the collections of the Museum of Merano, the oldest museum in South Tyrol - was opened in October 1900. The route visit, with circular development, tells the story of Merano, from prehistoric to contemporary art.
The museum is celebrating its reopening with two weeks of events, from April 25 to May 9. Saturday 25 and Sunday, April 26, doors open with free admission, from 9 to 17.

Merano Arte
Via Portici 163 - Merano
Tel. 0473 212643
Tuesday to Sunday, 10-18. Monday closed.
Full ticket € 6.00

Housed in the three-floors building of the Savings Bank, Merano Arte is the home of art and contemporary culture. In the 500 square meters exhibition space are placed exhibitions, concerts, performances, literary meetings, seminars and workshops. Until June 14 you can visit Recipes Artist, exhibition that explores the similarities between artistic production in the studio and preparation of food in the kitchen.

Women's Museum
Via Meinhard, 2 - Merano
Tel. 0473 231216
Monday through Friday, 10-17; Saturday, 10-12.30. Sunday closed.
Full ticket € 4.50

The museum, founded by Evelyn Ortner, has the largest and most complete collection in Europe of women's clothing, accessories and objects of daily life, from the twentieth century until the nineties of the last century.
If fashion the mirror of society, this exhibition shows the story and pictures of women's roles in our society.
The Women's Museum is housed in the spaces of the Convent of the Poor Clares, a fourteenth century building in the historic center of Merano.

Prince Castle
Via Galilei - Merano
Tel. 329 0186390
Open from April 1 to January 6, from Tuesday to Saturday, 10-30-17; Sundays and holidays, 10.30-13. Monday closed.
Full ticket € 5.00

Reachable from Via Galilei or via Portici, on the back of the Town Hall, the castle tells the stories of Duke Sigismund and Emperor Maximilian I - stayed in the manor in 1516. Once the residence of the princes of the Tyrol, it offers the opportunity to discover the medieval habits and lifestyles. In the building, introduced by a beautiful courtyard with frescoes of naturalistic stamp, you can visit the room of the prince, with a tiled stove of the fifteenth century, the bridal rooms and the collection of weapons and musical instruments of the sixteenth century. The castle is also home civil ceemony weddings.

Jewish Museum
Via Schiller, 14 - Merano
Tel. 0473 236127
Open all year round, except on Jewish holidays the Christmas season: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 15-18; Thursday and Friday, 09.12.
Free entrance.

Set up in the Merano synagogue, the museum exhibits documents, objects and testimonies of the Jewish communit, born in the city in the late nineteenth century and the early part of the twentieth century. Until the outbreak of World War II, the Jewish community of Merano was one of the most important a cultural and a socialite center in Central Europe. Its halls run along all the years, from the most beautiful ones to the tragic ones of the Holocaust.

South Tyrol Museum of Tourism
Trauttmansdorff - Via San Valentino, 51 / a - Merano
Tel. 0473 255 655
From April 1 to October 31, daily from 9 to 19. From November 1 to November 15, daily from 9 to 17.
Full ticket € 12.00 (museum and gardens)

Also known as Touriseum, the South Tyrol Museum of Tourism is surrounded by the bright green gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, the residence chosen by Sissi for her stay Merano. The museum is the first in the Alps totally dedicated to a gripping story of tourism in Merano and South Tyrol. With movies, mobile sets and audio contributions you can discover two centuries of tourism history from a double perspective, that of travelers’s one and the local people’s one.
The most famone says it's the largest in the world, carved in the wood by artists of Val Gardena.

Museum of History of the Province of Bolzano
Castle Tyrol - Via del Castello, 24 - Tirol
Tel. 0473 220221
From 13 March to 8 December, every day except Monday, from 10 to 17; in August, from 10 to 18.
Tel. 0473 220221
Full ticket € 7.00

Do ou want to know everything about the history of the region? Then walk through the doors of the old residence of the counts of Tyrol, founded in the second half of the eleventh century. The story begins from the dawn, through the Middle Ages, the golden age of the castle, to the present day. The castle chapel, dedicated to San Pancrazio, stands a series of beautiful Gothic frescoes. For a glimpse of the country, get on the walkway. In the courtyard, with coffee and shop, you can relax in the shade of the trees, lulled by the murmur of fountains.

Museum of the Vineyard
Castle Rametz - Via Labers, 4 - Maia Alta
Tel. 0473 211 011
Until November 7: Monday through Friday, 10-16; Saturday, 10.12. November 9: Monday through Friday, 10-17; Saturday, 10.12. Sunday closed.
Full ticket € 5.00

On the outskirts of Merano, on a moraine hill protected by the peaks of the Texel Group, stands the Castle Rametz. Around the manor are the rows of ten hectares of vineyards. The propriety includes a museum of wine in four rooms, with a fine collection of tools once used for viticulture.
Must see the largest winery company: built in the eighteenth century, it is one of the best in and around Merano. Do not miss the wine tasting paired with Kaiserspeck.

Mountain Museum of Reinhold Messner
Castel Juval - Juval, 3 - Castelbello
Tel. 348 4433871
Open from the fourth Sunday of March to June 30th and from September first to the first Sunday of November, from 10.00am to 4 am. Guided tours only. Closed on Wednesdays.
Full ticket € 9.00

Wanted by the famous South Tyrolean mountaineer and dedicated to the myth of the mountain, the museum is housed in the Juval Castle, perched on a hill in Val Venosta, about a twenty minute drive from Merano. The museum houses a collection of paintings with views of the great sacred mountains, a collection of memorabilia and Tibetan masks from five continents, the Tantra room and, in the basement of the manor, the equipment used by Reinhold Messner on his expeditions.

Museum Typewriter
Church Square, 10 - Parcines
Tel. 0473 967 581
From April to October: Monday, 14-18; Tuesday to Friday, 10.12 and 14-18; Saturday, 10.12. From November to March: only Tuesday, 12.10.
Full ticket € 7.00

The museum is dedicated to Peter Mitterhofer, the inventor of the typewriter, born in Parcines, nestling at the feet of the Tessa Group, just minutes from Merano, in 1822. Mitterhofer built the first typewriter in 1864 - today It is on display in the Technical Museum in Vienna. Twice Mitterhofer knocked on the doors of the Emperor Franz Joseph I to submit his invention, without success; He resigned, retired to his hometown, where he died lonely. As partial compensation, the Municipality of Parcines, with the help of Kurt Ryba, donor of his collection of typewriters, has set up this museum: two thousand exhibits, including four in the museum and about sixteen hundred in the showroom.

Train World
Piazza Gerold 3 - Parcines / Rabl
Tel. 0473 521460
Tuesday to Sunday, 10-17. Monday closed.
Full ticket € 9.50

Who has not played at least once with an electric train? Well, in the hamlet of Rablà, in the municipality of Parcines, a ten-minute drive from Merano, you can visit the largest digital installation of miniature railways in Italy: With more than twenty thousand pieces, the Train World is one of the largest private model railway collections in Europe, arranged with an alternated day-night with regular intervals.
The plastic, which extends over an area of three hundred square meters, reproduces the Alps in miniature, from the Brenner Pass to the Val Venosta. In the area dedicated to children, they can play with toy trains.
Train World is born in 2004, thanks to Dr. Gunther Steitz, who donated his collection of electric trains to the Association “Friends of the Railroad in Miniature”.