The 10 most romantic places in Florence

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Having a weak spot for Florence? We too. This article is dedicated to all couples looking for some ideas for a very romantic weekend. If you are raring to go, just pack light, read our Top 10, and choose your charming hotel in the old town or on the hills.
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1. Ponte Vecchio

Go there during the sunset, when the Lungarno lights up and reflect itself in the water of the river. The sunset is the most magical moment of the day. With some luck, in the bridge you will meet an orchestra that will play only for you. This is the perfect place for a long kiss: do not forget.

2. Ponte Santa Trinita

From Ponte Vecchio you can walk along the Acciaiuoli Lungarno until you reach Ponte Santa Trinita. Giovanni Spadolini wrote about it as one of the most beautiful bridges in Italy and one of the most elegant in Europe. At sunset it offers an enchanting view of the Ponte Vecchio and of the illuminated city.

3. Brunelleschi's Dome

It is the largest masonry dome in the world. From anywhere in Florence, you can see it, just check over the roofs of houses and city buildings. With the ticket of the Great Cathedral Museum (8.00 Euros) you can climb the 463 steps spiral staircase and enjoy the most beautiful view of the city - from Monday to Friday 8.30-19, Saturday 8:30 to 17:40, closed on Sundays (tel . 055 2302885).

4. Church of Santa Margherita de 'Cerchi

Tourist guides you may find it as Church of Dante and Beatrice. Someone says that here the poet met for the first time the beloved muse. The church is located between the former house Portinari, in Via del Corso - now Palazzo Portinari Salviati - former home of the family of Beatrice, and the House of Dante Alighieri, rebuilt in front of the CastagnaTower. The church houses her stone tomb: in a basket tourists use to leave their messages for Beatrice.

5. Piazzale Michelangelo

You can find it Oltrarno. To get there on foot from the Old Town, you'll have to cross the Ponte alle Grazie and go up from Via dei Renai. Piazza Michelangelo is known because of its panoramic terrace: the view from up there run fast over the city and the historic bridges crossing the Arno. A little 'less known are its gardens, of Roses and Iris: visit them in springtime, when teeming with flowers, perfumes and colors.

6. Boboli Gardens

Also in Oltrarno, behind the Pitti Palace, check the most amazing park in all of Florence. The Boboli Gardens is not just an Italian garden, but a real open-air museum (tel. 055 294883). It’s plenty of romantic views and secrets corners. Walk hand by hand: it looks like walking in a dream. The best view? From the Garden of the Knight, the highest spot of the park.

7. Forte Belvedere

Just above the garden, on the hill of Boboli, appear the stubby and squared forms of Forte Belvedere. It is one of the place young couples from Florence love the most. In summertime enjoy sunset happy hour and romantic walks.

8. Casa Guidi

Florence has seen many love stories. One of the most beautiful (and tormented) is that of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the famous couple of English poets of the nineteenth century, refugees in Oltrarno to escape the oppressive father of her. The two lived for a long time at Casa Guidi, in Piazza San Felice, outside of the main entrance of the Boboli Gardens. Today the home is a museum with vintage furnishings and original fireplaces (tel. 055 354457). Two plaques posted in the outside remind Elizabeth.

9. Hill of Bellosguardo

It is a little known place, especially by tourists. We are still in the Oltrarno, just a few minutes walk from the Boboli Gardens. Go up the hill, just below Villa di Bellosguardo: it will look like walking in real Tuscany countryside corner. Along the ascent to the hill will enjoy narrow streets shaded by olive and cypress trees, quaint houses and magnificent views over the old town.

10. Fiesole

From Florence, the road climbs up and become a panoramic terrace. The ascent to Fiesole is a must at sunset. Along the Via Vecchia Fiesolana, an old road that reach the village, now replaced by the more convenient Via Mantellini, you’ll see the most beautiful villas that decorate hills around Florence.