Borgo Castello Panicaglia
Borgo Castello Panicaglia

Borgo Castello Panicaglia
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Località Panicaglia,

Borgo Castello Panicaglia


A 13th century castle. of papal origin
In the medieval village of Panicaglia there is an original castle dating back to 1266. Located at an altitude of 800 meters, overlooking the Umbrian mountains, it is the ideal place for a wonderful stay, where you will not only relax and have fun, but you can also participate. to authentic Italian family life. The village and its history:
Borgo Castello Panicaglia is a place with an extraordinary past. A medieval village, built around a small church, in the surroundings of a castle.
For centuries it was owned by the Mancini family. When Pope Pius IX had to flee Rome with his entourage, the Mancinis offered one of his cardinals refuge within the secure walls of the castle. Then when his refuge was discovered by a spy they also helped him escape. Because of this, all the men of the Mancini family were arrested by the republican Garibaldi.
They were locked up in the castle of Spoleto waiting to be executed. But the women of the family turned to Anita Garibaldi to ask for pardon: their appeal was accepted and the men were released.
To thank the Mancinis for the risk they took, the Pope granted them the title of "Knights of the Papal State": they added this title to the family crest that is still visible today on the south west facade.
A warm and stylish furniture. Apart from the thick walls, the ceiling with wooden beams and the view of the Umbrian hills, the rooms of Borgo Castello Panicaglia are all equipped with a warm and stylish decor. Borgo Castello Panicaglia has different types of rooms: double or triple , luxury or family suites. All rooms have a private bathroom and tea and coffee making facilities. More specific information per room is available by clicking on the following rooms. Breakfast is included in the price.

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