Convento San Bartolomeo
Convento San Bartolomeo

Convento San Bartolomeo
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Convento San Bartolomeo


The San Bartolomeo Convent was one of the best kept secrets of Tuscany, nestled on the slopes of Mount Amiata, the largest lava dome in Tuscany. Its doors have never been open to the public for more than 700 years.
In 2008 the Ricci Barbini family, which collected its precious heritage, chose to bring it back to its original splendor, to welcome those looking for a magical place of ancient beauty, where they can rediscover emotions and sensations in an oasis of well-being. out of time.

The convent
Inside the Convent you can breathe the magic of a "historic" residence which, thanks to a patient and passionate restoration work completed in 2008, has recovered the signs of its millennial past.
Today the Convent is a place of simple elegance and tradition, which has chosen to open its doors to you, its special guests.

A familiar space
The history of the Convent has distant, familiar roots. It tells of an excellent surgeon, Vittorino Ricci Barbini, who had chosen to return to live in his lands of origin, in the house where he had spent his childhood, to cultivate a dream and pass it on to his three children: to restore the Convent to its original beauty San Bartolomeo, the family home received as an inheritance following the Napoleonic edict of 1808.

A story that is handed down, and which takes on the responsibility of preserving this corner of the Middle Ages that gently turns to the Renaissance and which at the same time was a family home, an intimate space in which to find oneself.
A story to be written with all those who will choose the Convent as a corner of the heart, an authentic place where you can find yourself, where you can savor the sense of a millennial time.

A Tuscany yet to be discovered
Those arriving at the San Bartolomeo Convent will find simplicity, elegance and attention to detail. You will be able to enjoy the silence of the millenary walls, rest in the monks' garden and be enchanted by the delicate landscapes of Val Paglia and the Crete Senesi, following the gentle profile of Monte Amiata that embraces the Convent with its mighty nature.

The San Bartolomeo Convent is a place for those looking for authentic experiences. It is not far from the classic itineraries of Tuscany, from the most renowned spas, but it is located in a still unexplored Tuscany, waiting to be discovered.

The complex preserves the original layout intact: a covered cloister that winds through the ancient colonnades, an ancient well inside and the double access to the centuries-old garden and the Belvedere which opens onto the Val di Paglia dominated by the Torre di Ghino di Heel. Large frescoed halls wind around the medieval cloister.
The residence consists of 15 rooms: the comfortable suites, the comfortable rooms, the original cells and finally the annexes that overlook the garden.

The restoration of the Convent, done with a light hand and respectful of all the signs of time and the creation of a Belvedere, designed according to precise naturalistic criteria, have been and still are our commitment.

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