Top 10 romantic places in Sicily

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In Sicilian dialect they call it amuri. It is love. If it is special, you can write it with a capital. But if it is really special, why do not browse a destination and discover it with your partner? We went to Sicily and found out the ten perfect places for a romantic weekend. You just have to choose one of our mansion...

1. Erice and the salt mines

The most magic sunset in the island? Climb to the Castle of Erice, take a seat on a bench and wait for the sunset. When the sun goes down it fires the sea, and the salt mines around Trapani will turn pink and red. Stroll through the alleyways, the beams and the narrow cobblestone streets of the medieval village. If the sky is clear, sharpen your sight: with a little 'luck, you will see the Egadi, the island of Ustica, Pantelleria and even Cape Bon in Tunisia.

2. Cefalu

Looking for a nice view for a breathtaking kiss? We have the right destination. Climb up to the Rock and the Temple of Diana Cefalu. The rise will cost a little 'hard work, but it is always worthwhile, even in high season. Alleys and very romantic, charming cobbled streets, restaurants on the sea. And surprises are not over in Cefalu. Its main attractions are the mosaics in the Cathedral and the medieval wash house powered by the waters of the Carbone river.

Still not tired? Then get off until Aspra, a small town between Bagheria and Palermo: under the Arco Azzurro you can vow eternal love. Do you know the arc that unites the two lovers embraced on the packaging of chocholate Baci? Well, that arch is inspired just to the Aspra one.

3. Pollara beach

In our selection of romantic destinations the beach couldn’t be missed. We chose the one of Pollara, on the north-west side of Salina island, in the Aeolian archipelago. Why this beach? For its the sea, clear and blue like few others. For the coast, made of dark stones and gravel, protected by the steep cliffs amphitheater. shaped. Here the sunset is simply unique. A curiosity. From the beach, by a stone stairway, you can reach the Balate bay. On your descent you will see an house: that house was the set of many scenes in the movie Il Postino with Massimo Troisi.

4. Taormina

Taormina is the pearl of Sicilian luxury, an appealing mix of Arab, Norman and Baroque styles. A walk hand by hand? During the sunset, from the historic Taormina, go down the Isola Bella descent. Only for true lovers.

5. Etna, Randazzo and the Alcantara Gulches

The ancient theater of Taormina in the foreground and the opaque profile of Etna in the background. Where do you find another postcard like this? Carob, orange, lemon, olive, oak, oaks, chestnut trees, beech and birch trees: nature at the foot of the volcano will enchant you.

In the Alcantara digged valley , don’t miss the medieval atmosphere of Randazzo, the fortified village on the slopes of Etna with castle overhanging lava rocks.

6. Aci Trezza

The walk on the seafront in Aci Trezza, preferably during the sunset, is the top choice. In front of the small village harbor, the protagonist of the novel I Malavoglia by Verga, stand the stacks of the Cyclops, eight basalt rocks symbols of the small fraction of Catania. Legend tells that the rocks were thrown into the sea by Polyphemus to stop the Ulysses escape.

7. Ortigia

Ortigia is a small island that gave rise to Syracuse. Walk in its rue, the narrow streets of the old town, which will take you to the majestic Piazza del Duomo, in front of the Baroque Cathedral. The most special monument of Ortigia, however, is another one. It's called the Fountain of Arethusa, a small body of fresh water sprouting papyrus plants. Source hovers a legend. It says that Alpheus fell in love with the nymph Arethusa. The nymph did not reciprocate his feelings and asked for Artemis’ help, not to be disturbed anymore by Alpheus. The God trasformed Arethusa in a font. But Alpheus did not want to abandon his beloved, so he asked for help and gods turned him into a river, the river that today joins the source of Arethusa.

Is it a too sad story? Cheer you up with a granita on the seafront or with a Sicilian cannoli, what you need to keep sweetness in the visit of Syracuse.

8. Ragusa

The most romantic walk of Sicily? We chose the nightly walk in Ragusa Ibla. For a kiss in the moonlight, with the stars sparkling in the sky, there is no other destination that we would advise. The old Ibla, the oldest part of Ragusa, will amaze you: late baroque buildings, narrow streets and pleasant views for true lovers. Just minutes from Ragusa visit the Castle of Donnafugata, with a park and a maze perfect for romantic walks and kisses.

9. Modica, Noto and Scicli

The most beautiful cities of the Sicilian Baroque? You got them. Modica is twisted, sensual, unique. Located in the Val di Noto and is divided between the upper side, a maze of streets, narrow houses, churches and late Baroque beautiful buildings, and the lower part, with Corso Umberto, the main artery of the country. Do not leave without sampling Modica chocolate.

Wide staircases and spectacular squares are the ingredients of Noto, another pearl of the Sicilian Baroque. The largest building is the Basilica of St. Nicholas. If you're in the city in May, enjoy the Infiorata of Noto, held during the third Sunday of the month.

Between the three Baroque stops, Scicli is the closest one to the sea. Seen from a distance, it looks like a lively nativity scene. In the village you will find one of the most famous buildings of the Sicilian baroque, Palazzo Beneventano, with richly decorated façades.

10. The Valley of the Temples

If you are romantic, don’t visit it during high season. The best time is February, when the valley of Agrigento is pink tinged by almond flowers. The Park of the Valley of the Temples, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the largest archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. There are 10 Doric temples to visit, even under the stars, but only from July to September.