Castello di Gargonza
Castello di Gargonza

Castello di Gargonza
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Castello di Gargonza


From the 1300’s Castello di Gargonza was a fortified village in the hands of the “Ghibellini” and from 1444 it became for 300 years an agricultural community dedicated to the forest. Dante Alighieri spent as his exile. Sought after by Guelfi and Ghibellini, during the XV century the Castle of Gargonza was known itself to cultivating the woods as well as wool production.During the XVII century, the Castle became an organized 900 hectare share cropping farm with thirty-three farms and homes for farmers and their families. After the rural Exodus which occured at the end of the Second World War, the village was abandoned until the end of the 1960's. The village was entirely

Within te medieval walls of Castello di Gargonza the apartments have the imprint of peasant life, which light restorations have kept. It is no coincidence that the apartments and rooms of the village were inspired by the ancient inhabitants. The houses reflect the authenticity of the people of Gargonza who lived there, linking their name to them. Castello di Gargonza offers rooms and apartments and can accommodate up to 100 people. It is ideal for individual tourism but also for events, weddings, corporate meetings and team buildings. Breakfast is served inside the village while the restaurant, located outside the walls, is open for both lunch and dinner and has a maximum capacity for 250 seats. Our offer includes the common areas of the formel olive mill with meeting rooms, living rooms with fireplace and gardens, a panoramic swimming pool, a wine bar inside the village and the Church of SS. Tiburzio and Susanna.

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