10 romanic places in Piemonte

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Do you want to make your partner heart beat faster? In Piedmont we discovered ten places perfect for your next romantic getaway. Majestic royal palaces and beautiful villas. Exotic gardens and picturesque villages. The right hotel? Find it in our collection of fashion hotels in Piedmont!

1. Superga and the Monte dei Cappuccini

The most romantic scene in the surroundings of Turin? It is just over ten minutes from the city. The Basilica of Superga is located on a hill next to the Po river. Needless to say, the view from up here is very romantic. For a more exclusive view, climb the spiral staircase in the dome of the Basilica from the outside balcony, Turin and Piedmont will be all there for you.

At the edge of the city, on the right bank of the Po, you will find Monte dei Cappuccini.
its viewpoint will offer you an excellent view of Turin and of the snowy Alps.

2. Villa Genero

Among the many parks of Turin hills, Villa Genero worth mentioning, even if it is only beacause it is one of the largest green oasis of the city. Villa Genero is located just upstream of Villa della Regina, a few minutes walk from Monte dei Cappuccini. Little unknown by tourists, it is the perfect place for a walk hand by hand and for those looking for a breath of fresh air without straying too far from the city.

3. Venaria Reale

The grandest of the Savoy residences is just outside Turin. The green Park of the Herd, with splendid views on the Alpine horizon, here is the Venaria Reale, a monumental complex that has little to envy to the most famous Palace of Versailles. For a walk hand by hand, you can explore the gardens of the palace. Looking for charming views? One of the most extraordinary places of Venaria Reale is the Court of Honor, with spectacular waterworks of the Cervo Fountain.

4. The lakes of Avigliana

At the entrance of Val di Susa, in less than half an hour from the center of Turin, among copses and pleasant scenery, you will find the two lakes of Avigliana, the Great Lake and the Small Lake. Set in a large nature reserve, the two lakes are perfect for a short break for two. Cormorants, herons and mallards are the most frequent visitors to these waters. Evocative the ancient village of Avigliana, with the ruins of the castle perched on the slopes of Mount Pezzulano.

5. The castles of the Canavese

Magic and picturesque place, Canavese waits for you just a few minutes from Turin. Among its hills sprout charming villages and fairytale castles. Among the many mansions, we advise those of Agliè, part of the UNESCO site of Savoy Residences, that of Ivrea and the Masino, embraced by a beautiful park.

6. Lake Orta

Some say it's the most romantic lake in Piedmont. To get there, you need just to follow the signs to Orta, the village that has lent its name. Orta San Giulio is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: its promenade is a long row of nineteenth-century mansions and flowering azaleas and camellias gardens. If you have enough time, jump into the boat that goes from Orta to San Giulio Island, enchanting green oasis plenty very romantic views.

7. The Romantic Road of the Langhe

The Romantic Road of the Langhe and of the Roero is an eleven stop journey up and down the hills of the Piedmont. His path will take you to almost one hundred kilometers from Alba, the small capital of the white truffle, to the Bormida Valley, on the Liguria border. Great wines, charming villages, castles and towers: the perfect ingredients for a great weekend are all there.

8. Villa Taranto

It is the perfect destination for a Spring day. The botanical gardens of Villa Taranto, near Verbania, are the home of rare plant species, water lilies, lotus flowers, tulips, tropical and subtropical plants (visits from March to November). Stroll on the long tree-lined streets, chasing the waterworks of the terraced gardens or lose yourself along the twisting decorated path between three hundred varieties of dahlias.

9. The Borromean Islands

It reaches the Piedmont shore of Lake Maggiore. We recommend an excursion to the Borromee Islands, opposite the beautiful Stresa. The largest of the three is the Isola Madre, rich in plants, exotic flowers, peacocks, pheasants and parrots. Even more incredible blooms are in Isola Bella: azaleas, roses, orchids, gardenias and wisteria grace the terraces of Palazzo Borromeo. On the Island Superior, or Fisherman's Island, you will find a picturesque village with charming restaurants along the water.

10. Volpedo

Joseph Pellizza Volpedo and peaches. Here explained the reputation of this farming town in the province of Alessandria, at the mouth of the valley of Curone stream, included among the most beautiful villages in Italy. At its most famous citizen, one of the most popular painters in nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Volpedo has dedicated several places of memory, like the studio, a beautiful museum filled with memorabilia of the painter, and the square, renamed Quarto Stao, in honor of Pelizza’s' most famous work.