Berry House
Berry House

Berry House
Tel.: +39 328 956 9309
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Località Maso Del Giudice, 2, 38049 Vigolo Vattaro, TN

Berry House


In Trentino there is a place where you can hover high enough to see the horizon, learn about the patterns and reasons beyond the clouds, where time is measured by the tolling of the bell tower and the passing of the seasons. Where you can find yourself by rediscovering the tenuousness of simple things and the value of traditions.
The slow pace of a dream vacation, immersed in the unspoiled nature of the Vigolana Plateau. Explore the most hidden paths, experience breathtaking landscapes, surprise yourself with unique experiences.

Six rooms to be discovered, furnished with different styles to arouse and relive emotions. Some more contained as small and welcoming mountain nests where you can rediscover the breeze and the sense of freedom of the swing or the intimacy of a canopy bed that was from a princely past or relax following the sweet emotions of a scented bath in company of your partner.

A breakfast among the cherry blossoms, a brunch for a chat with friends, a cappuccino for a better awakening.
The large garden, the terrace and the clearings along the stream will be the perfect setting for a relaxing afternoon and a tasty snack to discover all its delicious proposals before dinner

Relax in the best spas, practice sports by renting mountain bikes or relax with gentle walks and trekking with breathtaking views. Experience culture through our museums and castles. Taste our territory. Make your holidays in Trentino unforgettable

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