Antica Casa Pasolini
Antica Casa Pasolini

Antica Casa Pasolini
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Via Cagliari, 128 Mandas (Cagliari) Italia
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Antica Casa Pasolini

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An atmosphere of other times. In the common areas, large fireplaces give warmth and light to relax and enjoy the pleasure of a hot drink with a tasty typical sweet. The interior of the house reminds us of the past: the entrance door with tiles decorated by Sardinian master artisans and ceramics of Nioi and Silecchia of the early 30s and 40s, the furnishings of the living room and the rooms with carved wood or wrought iron furniture with typical motifs. Sardinian handicraft is reflected in the repetition of signs: fabrics and embroidery feature peacocks alternate with dancers in different colors, while chests, guarding bride’s trousseau, are skilfully carved and made of chestnut or walnut wood. These once represented the only furniture of unadorned homes of Sardinia. The garden surrounding the ancient Casa Pasolini and the bed & breakfast has different varieties of plants and flowers typical of the Mediterranean area. Elegantly wrapped in an atmosphere of tranquility, it spreads the scents of many herbs through the air to make your stay unique.

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