Castello di Baccaresca
Castello di Baccaresca

Castello di Baccaresca
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Località Baccaresca, 29 06024 Gubbio, Perugia, Italia

Castello di Baccaresca


The estate of Castello di Baccaresca is made up of approximately 250 hectares, among centuries-old woods and cultivated fields crossed by paths and ancient mule tracks.

Leaving the main road you have the feeling of immersing yourself in a place far from time, where it seems to have stopped. A unique and fairytale place, of those that only the green Umbria can give. Along the white road, it begins to tower over the silhouette of the manor at the top which stands as a sentinel of the whole valley: after many centuries it still seems to play its role as an austere guard.

The history of the Baccaresca Castle begins in the XII century. Its position made it a place of particular strategic and military importance - many were the lords and nobles who succeeded each other - and each of them wanted to leave a trace of his passage.

Over the centuries, the Castle of Baccaresca has become more refined and the ancient military function has given way to a noble castle embellished with frescoes and monumental fireplaces that are now available to guests, thanks to an imposing restoration.

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