Castello di Granarola
Castello di Granarola

Castello di Granarola
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Via Castello, 1 Granarola, 61012 Gradara (PU)

Castello di Granarola


Granarola Castle is surrounded by nature and close to the Adriatic Sea.
The first Long Stay House by BRANDINA is named after its function during the Roman era when the caves of the Castle were used to store the corn reserves. Today Granarola offers its hospitality to guests from all over the world. The Castle is today enjoying a new lease of life whilst respecting the history and aesthetics of the place, between oaks and scented laurel trees, the sea and hills, as in a Reinassance painting by Piero della Francesca.

Granola Castle was strongly linked to the agricultural economy of the area around him. Its name comes from the term granarium with the addition of the suffix iolus, granariolus, which means, small barn.

In December 2008 BRANDINA begins the restoration of the ancient Castle of Granarola, one of the precious few remaining castles of the lands of Malatesta. In the belief that the artistic, historical and architectural Italian heritage should be preserved, BRANDINA took care privately of the purchase and the complete renovation of the Castle.

The love for the land kicked off the project, together with the desire to getting around the degradation, the artistic and historical neglect thatdisfigures the beautiful country.

BRANDINA has dedicated their ideas and energies to this restoration, to bring in 4 years the complete structure to its ancient glory. The building site has involved laborers of the area and local professionals, preserving the architectural identity of the Castle and redesigning its interiors.
In continuity with the unique history of this place, the name of the Castle wasn’t changed.

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