Castello Malaspina di Varzi
Castello Malaspina di Varzi

Castello Malaspina di Varzi
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Piazza Umberto I, Varzi (Pavia) Italia

Castello Malaspina di Varzi

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The history of the Castle is tied to Malaspina family, who were granted the territory on feudal terms by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa himself in 1164. In 1870, the future of the Malaspinas became entwined with the Odetti family, when the last surviving Malaspina married Count Carlo Odetti of Marcorengo. Today, after thirty years of restoration work, thanks to its elegantly furnished rooms, splendid grounds, attentively decorated guest accommodation with fireplaces, and own kitchen, the castle is the ideal venue for all kinds of public, private or company events. Our intention is to become a centre of attraction that serves as a hub for the entire area. To this end, two new projects are underway: "VarzItaly", a showcase for the Castle’s selection of producers based in the Oltrepò, and "The wine shop", set in the Castle’s historic cellars, where it is possible to taste and buy the best wines from the Quattro Province area.

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