Castello Rosso
Castello Rosso

Castello Rosso
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Via Reynaudi, 5 12024 Costigliole Saluzzo (Cuneo)

Castello Rosso


A manor of the 1400s nestled in the hill near the Marquisate of Saluzzo and at the foot of the Varaita Valley, with history and fairy tale behind it, a centuries-old forest that with its own grandeur envelops and protects ... Welcome to the history of the Red Castle of Costigliole Saluzzo.

Built on the ruins of the ancient Castello dei Costanzia (destroyed in 1487), the Rosso Castle was finished around 1625 by the Counts Crotti. At the end of the century, in 1693, the French army retreated to Turin, after the useless siege of Cuneo, practically razed Costigliole Saluzzo, leaving only six buildings unscathed; the country was affected by the consequences of the passage of French troops until the early decades of the 1700s.

Central body of three castles, the Red Castle was the residence of the lords of the town, while the other two, the current Reynaudi castle and the Castellotto, represented the defense complex which with two bulwarks reaching out towards the plain, protected the country below mostly still lying on the hill.

This adaptation to an aristocratic residence dates back for many years, in fact, some parts that were saved from the destruction of the Savoys still show today a precious fresco attributed to the Maestro d'Elva. In honor of its "castle", the park was arranged in the French style and, in honor of the past of the region and the family, the complex took on a medieval shape with towers, curtains and bertesques, carefully reproduced following the example of historic buildings.

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