Chiaja Hotel
Chiaja Hotel

Chiaja Hotel
Tel.: +39 081 415555
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Via Chiaia, 216, 80121 Napoli NA

Chiaja Hotel


The Chiaja Hotel de Charme is located on the 1st noble floor of the eighteenth-century patrician palace in Via Chiaia 216, a pedestrian street, a few steps from Piazza del Plebiscito, the San Carlo Theater and Piazza San Ferdinando (now Piazza Trieste and Trento) center of the heart of the city of Naples.
The hotel is formed by the union of two historic apartments that make up the entire floor.
"The Antica Casa Lecaldano Sasso la Terza" was born from the recovery of the historic residence that the Marquis Nicola Lecaldano Sasso la Terza lived in between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. to his descendants. The result is a welcoming and elegant structure, full of atmosphere and charm, far superior to the official category assigned, which the owners wanted to fall within the 3-star rating to reaffirm the idea of ​​"home". The Superior rooms, with whirlpool tubs and overlooking the colorful Via Chiaia, take their name from the characters who actually lived there in the past: 'a stanza' and zì Checchina, 'a stanza' and zì Idarella, 'a stanza' and zì Assuntarella, 'a room' and Don Nicola is in the room of the Maestro.
The historic "Casino di Salita S.Anna di Palazzo 3", known as "il 3" or "la Suprema", closed by the Merlin law in 1958, was merged shortly after: it was accessed from the adjacent "vico" where it had an independent entrance . From its recovery, a further 11 rooms have been created in which the ancient bohemian atmosphere has been revived with brocade curtains and D'Annunzio wallpaper. Here you can stay in the rooms of Anastasia 'in Friulana, Mimì do Vesuvio, Nanninnela' in Spagnola, Titina 'in Frangese and Dorina da Sorrento who practiced the "oldest profession in the world" in the casino.

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