Come nelle Favole
Come nelle Favole

Come nelle Favole
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Via Braida, 52, 17055 Toirano SV

Come nelle Favole


Come nella Favole B&B is a luxury residence in the historic center of Toirano.
The structure has 2 rooms with different capacities, furnished in a classic style accompanied by shabby chic. It is possible to leave your car in the free parking areas near the structure. You can walk to supermarkets, shops, post office and pharmacy, or relax in public parks with games for children and have lunch in characteristic restaurants.
An environment where you can spend a relaxing holiday a stone's throw from the splendid Ligurian Sea, between ancient villages and the most beautiful trails of the Varatella Valley.

Garassini Palace - Franco - Beccaria

Erected during the eighteenth century, in the district of Braida, it belonged, according to house memories and archive findings, to the family of Garassini Bartolomeo di Pier Giovanni, passing at the end of the nineteenth century to his son the lawyer Giambattista and his wife Maddalena Vigliercio. The latter, married on October 8, 1913, held their wedding banquet in the hall of the palace.

Beyond the door you enter the main hall decorated on the ceiling with geometric cornices made in the 1990s by Mrs. Marilena Franco. The rectangular room, once used as a reception room, has several openings that lead to the adjoining rooms, including the entrance to the study room, used as a private chapel in the eighteenth century. The ceiling decoration consisting of graceful floral garlands is of the original destination, and on the wall, the architectural frame in marbled stucco that initially overlooked the altar is preserved. Also from the main hall you enter the dining room which is also decorated on the ceiling with stucco frames. In the room there is a slate fireplace engraved with plant motifs, which can also be traced back to the beginning of the 18th century.

The continuity of living, constantly favored by the adjustments to make the home comfortable, carefully carried out in the last twenty years by Mrs. Marilena Franco, have not neglected the various ancient elements, such as some furnishings, which distinguish this bourgeois house, one of a kind in its kind. Toirano area.

The daughter Cristina took over the management of the house and introduced elements of modernity and technology to make the rooms even more comfortable

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