The 16 must see beaches in Amalfi coast

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Jacqueline Kennedy and Gianni Agnelli. Roberto Rossellini and Federico Fellini. Anna Magnani and Winston Churchill. Among the little white homes and the blue sea of Amalfi Coast passed through the famous names of the international jet set. From then to now, nothing has changed. The most beautiful beaches of the Amalfi Coast are still there, reachable by boat or on foot, along paths cut into the bare rock. Secret VIP’S coves and bays. We went there and all and we chose these for you.

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Marina Grande in Amalfi

It is the largest beach of Amalfi, one of the busiest of the Amalfi coast - if you don’t like chaos, avoid it on July and August weekends. A small stretch open area, a good number of beaches, some restaurants. Nothing is missing. If you love smart set and high society, this is the perfect destination.

Marina Grande in Positano

Right behind the little white houses of Positano, here is the beach of the international jet set, vibrant and cosmopolitan. Actors, fashion models and other VIPs meet up here. The view is amazing: whenever you'll look up, you’ll see Li Galli islands. In public beach, the pier to reach nearby coves. In the village, traditional restaurants, boutiques and disco music on the Rocks, perfect ffor spending the night.


You can walk here from the pier of Positano, with a romantic walk between the sea and the bare rock. If you want to escape the busy Marina Grande, this is the best choice. For its privacy, this is the Positano beach young people love the most.


It is also called “the three hundred steps". That's right: to reach it, you'll have to sweat, at least a little '. But it's worth it. The steps, overlooking unbelievable views, flanks some of the most beautiful villas on the Amalfi Coast - among the many, the one of Franco Zeffirelli. Arienzo is the Positano beach where the sun goes down later, as it faces southwest. Enough time for tanning is guaranteed.


One kilometer after Amalfi if you arrive from Vietri sul Mare, you’ll have to climb down the four hundered stone steps. Are you lazy? Don’t worry: boats depart from Amalfi direct to Duoglio and other nearby coves. Two beach property and a public area. Do you want some advice? On this beach the sun goes down early, so it’s better to enjoy it in the morning.

Castiglione (Ravello)

Even the pearl of the Amalfi coast has its own staggering beach. The beach area of Ravello village is Castiglione. From the Coast Highway, just before the junction to Ravello, climb down the 186 steps -right in front of the bus stop. The little beach is set in a small bay protected on three sides by high cliffs. The sea bottom is sandy. In the middle the area with umbrellas; in the sides, the public area.


It’s almost a kilometer long. Maiori is one of the longest beach, and one of the few sandy beaches in Amalfi Coast. At the two far ends, the public areas. Most of the beach, however, is occupied by bathouses. It is the most popular for families with children.


Erchie is a tiny fishing village, hamlet of Maiori. On either side of the short beach stand two Saracen towers, ancient pirates sighting outposts. Excellent the exposure facing the sun. Beautiful colors with turquoise sea shore, and cobalt blue offshore . Besides beachouses, there is a public section.


Shorter than the one of Maiori, just 250 meters long, the Minor beach has public spaces and three bathouses plants with facilities. Its southern exposure makes it an excellent place for a long beach day.

On the seafront of Minori, in Piazza Cantilena, is the Salvatore De Riso shop, the most famous pastry chef in the Amalfi Coast. Only artisanal pastry. Our favorite? Ricotta and pear cake and limoncello baba.

The Crêpe (Vietri sul Mare)

Do you like quiet beaches? This is the right place for you. It owes its name to a sixteenth-century tower overlooking it. Sprouting from the sea theTwo Brothers, two small Vietri sul Mare cliffs. The beach has a private establishment with parking. In the narrow streets of Vietri, enjoy master craftsmen decorated caramics shopping.

Marina of Cetara

Small houses overlooking the sea. A church and a tiled dome. In Cetara you can taste the best Amalfi coast anchovy and tuna. If you love comfort and do not want to leave the small village, choose the beach of Marina. Azure water and sun a go go during the afternoon.

Marina Praia

Mark down this place, Marina di Praia. An ancient Saracen watchtower. One of the most romantic walks on the Amalfi coast. The African, the trendiest nightclub in Positano and Amalfi. How to get there? From the state highway, just before Praiano, turn in Marina di Praia. The beach is pebbly, nestled between two tall cliffs - best to get there in the morning.


From Marina di Praia you can reach it by boat. Or, from the main street: just climb down a long staircase - they are more than four hundred steps. Once in the the beach, you will havw a astonishing viewa view, with Capri and Li Galli islands sharping the horizon. Lots of sun and a romantic restaurant with a beautiful sunset view.

Furore fiordo

Feet in the water, face kissed by sun and curvy hips of a beautiful woman. If we had to pick our favorite, we would say Furore. If you see it from the top of the road bridge, it will steal your heart. The charm of the landscape combines with romantic notes. In this fishing village burn up the love story between Anna Magnani and Roberto Rossellini.

Deep and narrow, only 25 meters wide, Furore beach is always fresh: the sun heats it only until the early afternoon. The lump of colorful houses, uninhabited and transformed into a museum, is tiny - Furore is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. In the strand fishermen dry their fishing nets. The sea bottom is pebbly. The water? Crystalline. Lunch or dinner in the beach with squid and potatoes, the typical Furore dish.

Bay Recommone (Nerano)

Towards Punta Campanella and the Sorrento Peninsula, enjoy the colors of the Bay of Recommone, one of the loveliest corners of the Amalfi Coast. You can reach this small paradise through a path: from Marina del Cantone just a 15 minutes walk. Protected from the wind, the little cove has only one bathhouse and a lovely restaurant. If the sun takes your breath away, you can take refuge in one of the two natural caves of the bay, the Recommone Grotta and Grotta dei Pescatori.

Ieranto Bay

At the end of the path that leads Nerano to the last rock spur of the Coast, here is the small Leranto beach - an about 40 minutes walk. A great Faraglioni of Capri view. And just beyond the reef, the Sorrento Peninsula. Crystal clear waters and no crowd, even in high season - but no bar or other eateries.