Il Cantico della Natura EcoResort
Il Cantico della Natura EcoResort

Il Cantico della Natura EcoResort
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Via Case sparse, 50 06063, Monte Sperello PG

Il Cantico della Natura EcoResort


A timeless place transformed into a charming resort.

The story of the Canticle emerges from the stories of the elderly, all united by a common thread: 400 years of history, of life, of passions ... There are 400 circles of the trunks of the school olive trees that surround it, planted by the friars who laid the first stones of the small convent, chosen because it is a privileged place, overlooking the lake, full of energy and close to an ancient water source that still feeds it today. It is from this spiritual community that the history known to us of this ancient place starts where the Etruscan findings testify to its vitality and energy since far more distant times when Mount Penna, which the Canticle dominates austere, was one of the passing on the road between Chiusi and Perugia, 2 of the most illustrious cities of the kingdom of the "Mystical People".
Purchased in 1800 by the Noble House of Pentini, a noble family that at the end of the 19th century completed the extension of the ancient convent in its current form, with the characteristic L shape, transforming it into a summer hunting lodge
The current owners: Francesco and Monia Micci in 1999 arrived for the first time at the old farmhouse now abandoned after the war, and have given new life to the ancient village, transforming it into a charming resort

Since its inception, Il Cantico has been an Ecoresort, one of the first in Italy, a place within an organic agricultural attempt with an authentic Ecologic soul, which translates into the adoption of a set of parameters for environmental protection. It is our vocation, we are a place that naturally expresses beauty and harmony with creation. The old stone farmhouse is in symbiotic continuity with the wonderful natural setting that surrounds it and with the energy of the starry sky. It is from this meeting between earth and sky, between experience and dream, that our philosophy originates, which has the ultimate goal of offering well-being to our guests based on 4 elements: Nature, Territory, Spirituality and Love .

Each accommodation in our Ecoresort is different from the other and has a unique style, with handmade furniture, special fabrics and original furnishings. It represents and symbolizes the elements and phases of nature, the rhythm of the months and seasons, in the belief that the cyclical nature of creation is connected with inner harmony. The accommodations, all equipped with comforts suitable for a high standard, have a theme, with respect to which it is possible to identify and choose the one closest to one's being. The different types and sizes allow you to choose the most suitable accommodation for your needs. They are almost entirely located on the ground floor, have independent access and a dedicated outdoor green space. It is possible to rent the entire structure as a whole and in total exclusivity in absolute privacy and security, both for a stay and for an event, such as a party, a wedding, a business convention.

With our Chef and our small local suppliers we try to bring to the table the best that our land offers, in terms of typicality, seasonality, organic and 0 km products, care of preparation and presentation, with a creative and gourmet touch, because food is always an experience of pleasure, courtesy, without forgetting health, intolerances and special needs such as celiac disease, vegetarianism and veganism.
The Incanto restaurant in exposed stone, enjoys an extremely warm and welcoming candlelit atmosphere. The outdoor patio is a delightful corner surrounded by centuries-old olive trees with a view that is lost in the green of nature. Our unique "Charm of love" restaurant for two in Umbria is the ideal place to celebrate a special occasion. To ensure flexibility, uniqueness and privacy, it is possible to dine, on request, in the pool accompanied by the splendid view of the lake, in the spa, and in the individual accommodations inside (in some) or in the outdoor space that almost all of them are equipped with.

At the Cantico della Natura the concept of well-being is closely linked to nature with its energy and to the territory that surrounds us with its main products and is made up of a mix of attentions directed to the 5 senses, to heal the body, mind and body. 'soul.
The Spa, very welcoming and intimate, offers the luxury of being used exclusively as a private spa for a single couple or family (including children) or a group of friends at a time. This is the feature that makes it different, a unique moment, a space of sweet relaxation and intimacy to be used upon reservation. The Turkish bath, the sauna, the jacuzzi and the tub dedicated to wine baths are the path to which you can accompany good wine, champagne or prosecco served with fruit or chocolate on the floating table in the jacuzzi, or an excellent organic herbal tea for the most health conscious.

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