La Corte dell' Astore
La Corte dell' Astore

La Corte dell' Astore
Tel.: +39 320 945 7634
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Via 7 Liberatori della Selva, 8, 70011 Alberobello BA

La Corte dell' Astore


The Corte dell’Astore represents a new concept of hospitality that makes the customer the protagonist of a fairytale with a happy ending whose plot unfolds in an extraordinary mix of creativity, tradition and passion.
The story begins in the heart of the creator of La Corte Dell’Astore. Master in stone processing, with deep roots in his country of origin (Alberobello) and a boundless love for falconry, he decides to merge his passions into a project with a high emotional content. A corner of paradise where the concept of hospitality takes on a new shape and character. A wonderful village in the heart of the capital of the trulli, a UNESCO heritage site, composed of centuries-old domes that tell of a unique country in the world, Alberobello, and of an enchanting region, Puglia, which has seen the passage of important characters such as Frederick II lover of one of the most ancient disciplines: falconry.

A trip also has the goal of regenerating body and mind. The Corte dell’Astore has suites equipped with whirlpool tubs intended for those who wish to indulge in a wellness break in basins of water carved into the rock or natural vapors among stone glimpses.

The Corte dell’Astore is characterized by the presence of eight trulli. Constructions that retain authenticity and history, refer to a primitive workmanship recalling the art with which these very simple houses have reached an admirable statics. A space where the cult of detail is essential to bring customers back, further and further back, to another time frame. By staying in one of the wonderful trulli of the court, it will be possible to live the dream of an unforgettable era in which essentiality was the true wealth, stone an element of value and tradition legend.

We are waiting for you in our corner of paradise where history is told through the eyes, nature appropriates bodies, the mind travels in a timeless landscape and harmony becomes the master of the soul.

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