La Ripa Boutique Hotel
La Ripa Boutique Hotel

La Ripa Boutique Hotel
Tel. +39 035 755 003
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Via Ripa, 12 Albino (Bergamo) Italia

La Ripa Boutique Hotel

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La Ripa Boutique Hotel rises from the fifteenth-century structure of the Ripa Convent in Albino, from which it has inherited the serene atmosphere and the quiet silence of the place of worship.

The Convent stands as guardian and witness of the extraordinary history of a period residence whose traces still speak today through the frescoes, the columns of the time, the ancient church and the elegant cloister around the well. The oldest element of the entire structure gave the name to the COLUMN room which then became the logo of the hotel designed by the Swedish sculptor VIVEKA ASSEMBERGS.

Entering the Convento della Ripa is to cross a threshold.
It is not just a question of opening a door, looking around and admiring the value of the recovery started in 2015. The invitation is rather to enjoy a journey through time: staying even for a short time within these fifteenth-century walls can lead to the discovery of traces of the past that still resonate in the stones of the vast building. This is the feeling that captures the guest every time he walks through the large door that leads to the cloister: the thrill of entering a place that has been able to maintain its ancient sacredness over the centuries.

For many years, passing close to the Convent, one could only see a massive closed door, behind which one imagined, even more than glimpsed, the wide and harmonious structure of the Ripa, almost clinging to the two churches that support it downstream. Finally, a few years ago, the visitor has been able to access it and even stay there.

Inside the Ripa structure there is the Nasturzio restaurant, with independent management, a reality of excellence in the area that incorporates in its name the edible warmth of the original flower of Peru and in its intentions the research and the high culinary competence, projected towards new horizons of taste.
Direct access from the hotel, possibility to enjoy quality dishes in a refined interior or on the panoramic terrace.

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