Masseria Cervarolo
Masseria Cervarolo

Masseria Cervarolo
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Contrada Cervarolo Ostuni (Brindisi) Italia
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Masseria Cervarolo

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A sudden, heady sensation of wellbeing welcomes guests to this splendid 16th century “masseria” (farmhouse), with all senses wrapped in a special atmosphere created by such pleasant details as the bright white hue of the stone silhouetted against the deep blue sky, the scents of the Mediterranean bush, the sounds of nature, the thrill at brushing the rugged trunk of a centuries-old olive tree, the flavour of a genuine, tasty cuisine... Masseria Cervarolo is proud to offer a charming, warm ambience in what used to be the daily busy dwelling place of aristocratic households. We have lovingly revived the original beauty of the premises, now elegantly appointed with wisely restored pieces of furniture, antique furnishings and handcrafted fabrics. Six evocative “trulli” facing the southern side of the farmhouse bear witness to the ancient origins of the place. Nature is flourishing all around: on a karstic doline surrounded by tree-shade terraces, a stretch of crystal-clear water dug in the rocks is an attractive swimming pool for guests.

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