Palazzo Seneca
Palazzo Seneca

Palazzo Seneca
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Via Cesare Battisti, 12, 06046 Norcia PG

Palazzo Seneca


The palace
Palazzo Seneca was built in the 16th century by the homonymous family originally from Piedivalle, a town near Preci, whose inhabitants were famous as skilled wood carvers. Among their works, the wooden choir inside the Basilica of San Benedetto, which no longer exists in the church, and the choir of the Abbey of Sant’Eutizio.
Inside there is a large stone fireplace from the 16th century with the family crest at the top, which depicts a bar in the middle of which a compass is placed, under which you can see three roses. Compass and bar are symbols of the artisan guilds to which they belong. Palazzo Seneca was the first hotel in Norcia and one of the first in Umbria, having been in operation since the early 1900s. The residence underwent, with the passage of time, several changes but still maintains intact, on the ground floor, the characteristics of the vaults of the sixteenth century.
The structure underwent an important restoration following the 1997 earthquake which ended with the reopening in June 2008, returning to be one of the most beautiful monuments of Norcia.

Le Segrete and the wellness center
In the dungeons, a few meters from the main square of Norcia, a mystical silence envelops the rooms of the wellness center. Ceilings with barrel vaults and cross vaults and ancient stone floors frame your peace. The intimacy of the Sibilla Room, reserved for couples, with massage beds and a design whirlpool tub with chromotherapy in which to indulge in romantic moments. The relaxation area will involve you with its large mattresses and the central column from which the vaults that characterize the SPA are drawn. After a regenerating massage you can sip herbal teas and infusions prepared with herbs from the Sibillini Mountains National Park. In the wet area, a large stone whirlpool tub for six people.

In the adjacent room there is a Turkish bath and sauna to purify your skin. All these intimate rooms, with the wardrobe area, complete a tailor-made proposal for the well-being of our guests inside Palazzo Seneca. If your body needs special attention, please let us know during the interview with the operator.

The staff of the wellness center is available to study, together with you, a tailor-made regenerating path during your stay, combining, if you deem it appropriate, advice on proper nutrition to follow during this short period.

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