Pollicastro Boutique Hotel
Pollicastro Boutique Hotel

Pollicastro Boutique Hotel
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Via dei Perroni, 14, 73100 Lecce, LE, Italia

Pollicastro Boutique Hotel


In the heart of the historic center of Lecce, Pollicastro Boutique Hotel is a historic residence located in a sixteenth-century building also known as de 'Perroni, a name that gives its name to the entire road from Porta San Biagio to Piazza Sant’Oronzo.
Myths and legends intertwine in the history of this ancient place and find confirmation in a series of discreet and precious details that can already be glimpsed on the facade among the golden reflections of the Lecce stone: a small statue, created by Giuseppe Zimbalo, reproduces Sant'Oronzo, the patron saint of Lecce. An ancient belief that is handed down verbally, wants the palace to have been built on the ruins of the Saint's house.
On the Catalan-Durazzo portal with a slightly lowered sixth arch you can also admire an upside-down angel holding a donut in his hands.
In a seventeenth-century manuscript it is said that, in 1219, St. Francis of Assisi, having knocked on the door of this building to ask for alms, had an apparition: "a very vague page" appeared, holding "a large and white bread ”which then suddenly disappeared. This episode was considered miraculous and the inhabitants of the palace, to perpetuate the memory, had an angel sculpted on the portal offering a typical Lecce bread, called “puddhricasciu”. Hence, the name of "Isola del Pollicastro" which for a long time designated the whole complex of houses in front of the monastery of San Matteo ...

After years of neglect and a long renovation work, the ancient building has come back to life and, almost magically, has returned all of its legendary and mysterious past that can be breathed, resonated, felt in every corner ...
Not altering the identity of the place and not profaning its essence by equipping it with the most modern comforts and services was one of the many attentions that accompanied the recovery operations. The essential materials of this land, stone, iron and wood, are expertly and discreetly combined with the most precious brass and precious marbles, combining authenticity and precious beauty.

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