Torre del Parco
Torre del Parco

Torre del Parco
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Viale Torre del Parco, 1, 73100 Lecce LE

Torre del Parco


Located in the heart of Lecce, just a ten-minute walk from the historic city center and a few kilometers from the most enchanting beaches of the Salento coast, Torre del Parco is an ancient fortress built in 1419.

It stands in the ancient convent which, in 1600, was built between the walls of the fifteenth-century manor consisting of the high tower and the Prince's Palace, seat of the State Mint and the Court.

In the tower you can visit the ancient frescoed chapel and, in the basement, the galleys where, in the conches of the saettiere, you can still read, engraved in stone, the curses, laments and prayers of the prisoners.

The evocative essentiality of the interiors is counterbalanced by the oriental charm of the precious Convent Garden where it will be possible to find refreshment among its tall palm trees and centenary hackberry trees.

Today the Hotel Dimora Storica has 9 rooms finely furnished with period elements but equipped with all the most modern comforts.
There is also a massage center inside the structure and the ancient courtyard, where guests can relax in the shade of the centuries-old palm trees.

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