Villa Bongiovanni
Villa Bongiovanni

Villa Bongiovanni
Tel.: +39 0456 18 30 53
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Via Perarolo, 36, 37047 San Bonifacio, VR, Italia

Villa Bongiovanni


There is a place where you can experience a moment of truly magical and unforgettable emotions: Villa Bongiovanni, in Locara, in the picturesque countryside of Verona. Here, surrounded by the greenery of a magnificent park and the sublime architecture of an eighteenth century villa every occasion and stay in the elegantly decorated rooms, will be transformed into a pleasant and memorable event.

The building was constructed between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century by the Bongiovanni family, wealthy local landowners. The villa was built in a neoclassical style and stayed in the family for several generations. In the 1940s, the building was purchased by a family from Locara who renovated it and changed the main façade, making it more "modern". Later, the villa was almost completely abandoned due to poor maintenance and the risk of collapse. Then, in 1996, Fernando Tadiello purchased the old mansion and decided to restore it to its original splendour.

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