Villa D'Arte Green Resort
Villa D'Arte Green Resort

Villa D'Arte Green Resort
Tel.: +39 055 83 13 814
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Via Aretina, 88 90, 50065 Pontassieve FI

Villa D'Arte Green Resort



"I entered this Villa for the first time in 2011 and was enchanted by it.

Rooms bombed by World War II, ravines, tunnels and secret passages. Dusty attics, a TV from the 70s, a post-war stove, a modern piece of furniture and then a wooden toilet from the late eighteenth century. That Villa was talking to me, and I fell in love with his voice.
These walls exude history and beauty, they inspire pure inspiration. Looking for beauty, rediscovering hidden art, trying new insertions: more than 100 people have worked on the restoration of this villa and shared this goal.

In 3 years the face of the Villa has changed to create comforts and services dedicated to travelers and guests who want to discover the beauty and history that each of us needs to feel authentic. "


F. G. - General Manager

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