Villa dei Tigli 920 Liberty Resort
Villa dei Tigli 920 Liberty Resort

Villa dei Tigli 920 Liberty Resort
Tel.: +39 0376 684998
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Via Cantarana, 20, 46040 Rodigo MN

Villa dei Tigli 920 Liberty Resort


The Villa dei Tigli 920 Liberty Resort Hotel, a historic residence from the beginning of the century, is an aristocratic residence with a vast wooded park, which enjoys the pleasant tranquility of the Mantuan countryside and the nature reserve of the Mincio park. In fact, it is located in the village of Rodigo, a few minutes from the cycle paths, the Sanctuary of the Graces and the embarkation points in the Mincio Valley, where it is possible to navigate through reeds, lotus flowers, water chestnuts, among the myriad of canals that cross the wide expanse of water, admire the rarest species of birds, observe the sun setting over the river and in the distance see the profile of Mantua.

Spa with Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, Turkish bath, emotional shower with chromotherapy and sensory, swimming pool with hot water whirlpool and water jets, relaxation beds with herbal teas and infusions.

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