Castles in Alto Adige

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Someone says that in South Tyrol there are at least eight hundred castles, fortresses and fortified residences. So, why do not take a few days to visit some? We have just ended a raid in Bolzano and surroundings and we’tell you what we saw.

Castle Tyrol
Via del Castello, 24 - Tirol
Tel. 0473 220221

Suspended above the basin of Merano, on a cliff at the entrance of the Vinschgau, Tyrol Castle (Schloss Tirol) dates back to the eleventh century. It is the origin of the manor of the counts of Tyrol - was their residence until the fifteenth century. Today the building houses the Museum of History of the Province of Bolzano, a collection of artifacts and objects of Tyrolean history, from its origins to today.

Castel Roncolo
Via Sant'Antonio, 15 - Bolzano
Tel. 0471 329808

Everybody knows it as the "illustrated castle" (Bilderburg). In its rooms you can admire a cycle of frescoes dedicated to the history of the court life and culture. Runkelstein Castle (Schloss Runkelstein) stands on a rocky outcropping porphyry overlooking the Talvera creek, at the gates of the Sarn Valley, about a half hour walk from Bolzano downtown.

Castel Castelbello
Via del Castello 1 - Kastelbell
Tel. 0473 624193

Castelbello is set the town of Val Venosta, at the western entrance of the village. The first documents about its existence date back to the thirteenth century but its origins could be much older. Must see the castle chapel, decorated with frescoes of the Three, Four and Five hundred, restored in 2001. Do not miss the old kitchen in the southern part of the building, the courtyard and the permanent exhibition Via Claudia Augusta, dedicated to the Roman road that ran through the Val Venosta.

Via Castel D’Appiano, 16 - San Paolo Missiano
Tel. 0471 636081

Perched on a steep rock face, just above the village of Missian, in the town of Appiano, this castle offers a panoramic view of the valley of the Adige, from its tower will be easy to see some other manor in the region, for example Castel Corba and Boymont and, on the opposite side of the valley, Castel Greifenstein and Neuhaus Castle. In the chapel of the castle you can delight your eyes with one of the best preserved frescoes of South Tyrol - they are date back to the thirteenth century and illustrate various scenes from everyday life.

Castle Salorno
Frazione Pochi, 30 - Salorno

Castle Salorno is enthroned on a rocky outcrop at the entrance of the village to the south of South Tyrol. From the mid-seventeenth century, the castle belongs to the Venetian family of Counts Zenobio-Albrizzi. To get there you have to climb a steep road 890 meters long, the "Trail of Visions" - about twenty minutes long. In its centuries-old history, the castle has hosted famous guests, including Melanchthon, close friend to Martin Luther, and the painter Albrecht Dürer.

Fröhlich Tower

The tower, 33 meters high, is what remains of a twelfth century castle. The building is located in Malles, in Alta Val Venosta (Obervinschgau). It was the seat of the bishops of Chur, before it passed into the properties of the lords Fröhlich. Climb its 164 steps to admire the most extraordinary overview of the valley.

Churburg Sluderno
Castel Coira, 1 - Schluderns
Tel. 0473 615241

Guarding the Val Mazia, in Obervinschgau, between the towns of Malles and Sluderno Churburg is one of the most impressive and best preserved castles in South Tyrol. The beginning of its construction dates back to the second half of the thirteenth century. In its rooms you can still see the original furnishings and decorations, dating back to the various ages of the castle. The most famous room is the armor belonged to the local nobility and their guardhouses.

Castello di Brunico
Vicolo del Castello, 2 - Brunico
Tel. 0474 410220

The castle is suspended on the roofs of Brunico homes. The Manor and the city have common origins: the foundation of both is dating back to the mid-thirteenth century. Since 2011, the castle is one of the venues of the Reinhold Messner museum project, the Messner Mountain Museum (MMM), an interactive path dedicated to the people of the mountains. In the castle are also held seminars, children's concerts and festivals.

Trauttmansdorff Castle
Via San Valentino, 51 - Merano
Tel. 0473 235730

From Merano downtown you can reach the castle walking
the Princess Sissi promenade- the manor housed the Empress of Austria during the winter of 1870. The castle is known for its botanical gardens, a riot of colors and scents spread over twelve hectares area, with plants and rare species from all corners of the world.

Castel Taufers
Via Acereto, 1 - Campo Tures
Tel. 0474 678053

Castel Taufers, or Tures Castle, is located at the entrance of Valle Aurina, in front of the great view of Dolomites. It is one of the most beautiful castles in Tyrol - that’s the reason why it has been the perfect set for movies and TV series. Gothic and Romanesque style alternate each other in the manor architecture.
The rooms (some all wood made) and the halls, are perfectly preserved, and mostly open to visitors. In the chapel there are works of Romanesque and Gothic art, including frescoes from the school of Michael Pacher, one of the most important masters of the Austrian fifteenth century.

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